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We are always looking to expand our knowledge base. If you are interested in taking a more active role in the advancement of the brewing arts in the Kingdom of Meridies, please consider joining the Company of the Golden Cask. Whether you are interested in learning more or teaching others the craft please take a minute to fill out the following application. This will help us understand you and your interests as a Meridian Brewer. Only those who fill out this form will be considered official members of the Guild. 

Membership is not required to use the tools of this website. If you would rather have a more passive role and simply use the recipes and documentation presented here, feel free. The resources presented here are for all brewers everywhere.

We are currently only accepting membership requests from members in good standing residing in the Kingdom of Meridies. For legal reasons we are not accepting members under the age of 21. Thank you for you interest!

Sign Up Online here: Membership Application

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Are you ready to take on a student? As a teaching organization we strive to get all the knowledge we can squeeze out of our members. If you have attained Journeyman staus within the Company you should be familiar with the methods of brewing and teaching those methods to groups. Since teaching is the best way to learn any subject It is time for you to start a one-on-one relationship with a novice brewer. We've made the process of finding a student fairly painless. Unlike an apprentice/laurel relationship our mentorships are much less formal and often long distance. If you already have a student in mind then by all means get to it! If not we can help. Use the form below to request the Guild find someone in need of your expertise.

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Know you like to brew? Not sure where to turn next? Not sure which sources to believe or which methods are best for what you are making? Do you keep getting unexpected results from your brews? All of these questions have answers. We have plenty of people who have been right where you are and are itching to share their knowledge. Just fill out the form below and we'll pair you with someone who shares a passion for your favorite category of brewing, and maybe a few more!

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