Proof of Advancement

As per Company By-Laws all Rank Advancement proof must be posted publically. This is where we share our member's Company rank advancements. If you do not see your Proof posted here please contact the Secretary immediately.

How To Advance

  • Print a Rank Advancement form
  • Fill it out with ALL relevant fieldsĀ 
  • Advancement from Brewer to Crafter (student ranks) simply requires this form, Journeyman and Brewmeister (teaching ranks) require a judging and proof of classes being taught
  • Make sure you have a complete ingredients list and minimum documentation for any bottles being judged
  • Have any combination of three Guild Masters, Officers, or Laurels judge your brew and fill out the appropriate sections
  • If your unique product is found to be acceptable scan it into PDF and email it to the Guild Secretary
  • Once it has been recieved and reviewed it will be posted here and your new Rank will be official
  • With the exeptions of Brewer and Crafter, your rank is not official until your proof is posted here

Company Proof